The difference of EFDA compared to others is the Coaching style of training, well organised, supportive, friendly and motivational. They helped my sons running style, skill acquisition and shooting ability. EFDA is a fantastic organization which I would recommend to any player who’s willing to advance in his soccer skills
…..Simon (parent)

My son currently plays NPL2, I found out about EFDA through a former coach who recommended it. EFDA is a small technique driven academy, with highly motivated coaches and a more personal or individual approach. The level of intensity and variety of drills has led to further development of my son's skill level and with a more personal assessment from the coaches’, he has addressed areas of his game that required more work, making noticeable improvement. EFDA is as the name suggests, an elite training program designed to lift players from their current level of expertise - into the next.

Thomas plays community club A team. Templestowe United. We find EFDA to be extremely professional, great structure, organised, target training. High standard with great discipline. Team focused. EFDA has help develop my son passing, better footwork and ability to run, read the game. Been fantastic to fine tune skill gaps. We find EFDA well-structured professional academy that works with the best interest of its players first. We love this academy as it works 1:1 with the boys which is targeted to refine gaps in their skills and then it’s also well balanced with team work, Great focus overall.
…..Joanne (parent)

Our son was playing for a Community Club before joining EFDA. His dream was to play NPL and to travel overseas. He attended a free trial session with a friend and truly enjoyed it thoroughly. Within the time of committing to the Academy, both dreams were fulfilled, EFDA took the kids and family to Italy to play soccer that year and he had an experience of his life, the following year he got into an NPL club. We are so impressed with EFDA, Jean is great with the kids, the coaches are fantastic, the program has helped James improve immensely with his soccer skills as well as confidence and he is still improving. We highly recommend the Academy.
.…..Paula & Ron (parents)

My son plays at NPL level as a Goal Keeper. We found out about EFDA through the recommendation of a trusted friend who has been coached by EFDA staff for a number of years. I believe EFDA differs from other academies in that it concentrates on all areas of the players’ development from technical skills and athletic ability and fitness to mind and attitude coaching. My son has passion for the game and grit but needs to acquire further technical skills and a professional mindset. The opportunity to travel and have intensive training has improved his ability and increased his passion for the game. The EFDA management and staff genuinely care about their students’ development and wellbeing both within the soccer context and more broadly in life. For our family particularly we value the EFDA staff as positive role models for our son
……Kylie Colville (parent)

I currently play in the U14 NPL. I found out about EFDA from my coach Jean who created the academy. I think the thing that separates EFDA from other academies is the variety of skills and techniques you develop (shooting, passing, dribbling, fitness) and to not only improve your football ability but also your physical ability as a player. EFDA academy has benefited me in many ways over the past 3 years by improving my overall touch of the ball, different variations of passing, dribbling in tight situations, new shooting techniques, athleticism and just my confidence with the ball in general has improved significantly. It is a great footballing academy, which teaches you many different skills that can help you to take your game to the next level and develop as a player.
………Alexander Beatrice (player)

The coaches are incredibly skilled, patient and caring. They give good constructive feedback to the kids. Never seen a skills programme where they also concentrate on fitness and the kids being split between coaches into three smaller groups, means that the coaches can recognise any aspects that require work easily. Adam absolutely loves the training and finds the kids friendly. I can see his game has improved remarkably.
……..D Freeman (parent)

Expert coaching exceptional like no other. Utilising International and overseas professional experience and adapting proper Techniques, Drills and Skills and strength and conditioning, in a family friendly environment. So much value for your money. Allows players of all abilities from novice to advance to semi-professional to excel and improve. EFDA has no restrictions on Gender. EFDA has excellent facilities with a full size synthetic pitch. Toilet and shower facilities. Jean Dimanche (Head Coach and Director) personally assess each player on a monthly basis and gives each player tips and points on where improvement is needed in all aspects of the FUTBOL Code. EFDA encourages every player to be the best they possibly can be. They have helped my son increase in confidence, and all round improvement and continues to excel at the players own pace. Has made many new friends. EFDA has helped Matthew be a better person/player mentally and physically. EFDA allows players to gradually become better, to develop and prepare for NPL TRIALS. Gives players the opportunity to play overseas on academy tours through Italy, Holland and England. Once overseas on an EFDA TOUR, scouts are organised to view all players, hence gives your child an opportunity to display their potential. I would like to thank Jean and Liz for giving my son Matthew the opportunity to be associated with EFDA. I hope EFDA endeavour to grow and produce Players at the highest level. ELITE FUTBOL DEVELOPMENT ACADEMY where as a TEAM Together Everyone Achieves More
……….. Gino and Connie Cursio

Stanley is currently playing NPL level. Since Stanley joined with EFDA, he has clearly helped him with his skills and technical awareness and composed on the ball in the tight areas under the pressure. What makes the EFDA so special from the rest of the academy, the academy noticed difference in each boys and them truly unique and teach them with their Confidence. Training with Jean has clearly benefits Stanley: Faster decision-making, better decision-making, fast speed of play and Increased confidence. In addition, much more productive activity of the ball.
…….. Michael (parent)

The specialised coaching across skills and fitness provided by four coaches. The coaches at EFDA also tailor the coaching to each individual’s requirements. He has fast tracked his opportunity to make it and establish himself at NPL level. A great and supportive environment for my son to develop soccer skills and fitness.
……….Mauro (parent)

EFDA Focuses on Technical Skills, helping me to improve all aspects of the game, including sprinting, agility, shooting, passing & dribbling. Coaches are great, the sessions are fun, and they have helped me improve my game.
……..Dylan (player)