About Us

The Elite Futbol Development Academy (E.F.D.A) was established in 2015 by coach Jean-Noel (Jean) Dimanche. The idea came about as a result of ongoing requests from both players and their parents for Jean to undertake private training sessions to assist the players in improving their skillsets and confidence. The skill gap can restrict young players when trying to take their football career to the next level, particularly among those who strive to play at an elite level in Australia.
After 15 years experienced coaching with various age groups and playing the beautiful game himself, Jean believes there is a distinct gap in young player's skill levels. That skill gap can restrict young players to take their football career to the next level, particularly among those who strive to play at an elite level in Australia.

Meet Our Staff

Jean Dimanche

Academy Head Coach/Director


  • NPL Coach Youth Level
  • Eastern Lions SC,
    Richmond SC,
    Bentleigh Greens SC,
    South Melbourne FC
  • Victorian Champions League (Southern Blue Tongues, champions U13)
  • Former State League NSW Player
  • Coach NSW
  • AFC/FFA Senior ‘C’ License,
    currently enrolled AFC ‘B’ License

My primary focus when coaching youth and junior players is on development and technique. A strong player needs to be technically skilled with both feet and be able to apply those skills appropriately on the field. Good ball control first touch and the ability to read the play are essential. To be a well rounded player you need to be fit, athletic, fast and mentally focused.


John Cara

Strength Conditioning Coach
Director – Elite Sports Conditioning
Professional Sprinter – VAL
High Performance Sport Coach – Strength and Conditioning
Nutritional Advice


  • Vic State Team
  • National 100m competitor (PB: 10.5sec 100meters)
  • Winner of – VAL circuit
  • Rye Gift, Sandringham Gift,
  • Keilor Gift, St. Bernard’s Gift
  • Double at Ballarat 70m/120m
  • Stawell Gift semi finalist

As a performance coach to youth, amateur and professional athletes, my aim is to allow the body to learn and adapt to the stresses put upon it in training. It is my job as a coach to give our athletes experiences and tools in order for them to grow and become the most compete athlete
they can possibly be. Strength  conditioning, power, speed and being able to move in an efficient manner I believe gives an individual not only the confidence to perform at their best but more importantly to express hers/his ability freely.


Marcus Dimanche

Youth Elite Coach


  • FFA NTC (VIC U15) Champions
  • Melbourne Victory Youth
  • Melbourne City Youth & NPL
  • Mauritius National Team (seniors and youth), playing in COSAFA Cup (Zambia and South Africa), 2017 Jeux de la Francophonie,(Ivory Coast)
  • Captained Rowville Sports Academy,
    winning the Victoria State School
  • Championship at AAMI Stadium
  • NPL Senior Player from age 17
  • Strong contacts with scouts, agents and academies in and outside Australia

Specialise in:
Shooting & Finishing
Ball Master: Dribbling, First Touch, Technique Confidence: 1v1 dribbling, decision making
At the age of 20 I have received training from many various  professional European Clubs including Brescia, Torino, Palermo, Perugia, Vitesse, Sparta RotterDam, and have been coached by many European Pro accredited licensed coaches.


Dominique Bijoux

Academy Coach


  • Assistant coach at Richmond FC
  • Noble Park Seniors also Eastern Lions

My strength is teaching beginners the basic skills and technique of the game.
Focus on the very best an individual can achieve by not only exploiting one set of skills but, also extracting and harnessing a players talent to the edge of his/her capabilities.


Liz Dimanche

Operations Director

“Football is about mastering as many skills and techniques to make the right decisions in games”

Our Training Program


  • Acquisitions
  • Ball Mastering
  • Ball Control and First Touch
  • Dribbling the Ball with
  • Confidence
  • Running with the Ball
  • Striking the Ball
  • Receiving and Passing


  • Concentration
  • Decision-making
  • Game Awareness
  • Game Insights
  • Learning
  • Self-motivation
  • Hard Work
  • Mental State of Mind
  • Enjoyment
  • Having Fun
  • Never Give Up
  • Applying Yourself and Repetitions


  • Power and Body Strength,
  • Speed
  • Agility
  • Dynamic and Explosive Runs
  • Body Shape
  • Vertical Leaps
  • Good Balance
  • Body Co-ordination,
  • Endurance and Stamina.
  • Yourself and Repetitions

Our Skill Acquisition Training Programs (S.A.T.P) are dynamic sessions, catered to boys and girls 10 to 16 years of age with specific focus on ball mastering skills, technical skills and building self-confidence. We welcome beginners to the football code.

Our Advanced Players Soccer Programs (A.P.S.P) are also dynamic sessions, specifically tailored to players with advanced skills and techniques where special attention is paid to an individual’s football insight and decision making.

We strongly believe that keeping a smaller group per session enables our coaches to monitor and to improve the individual’s weakness and maintains quality of coaching. For this reason we limit player numbers to a maximum of 12 per coach.